How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Your carpet cleaning needs will vary depending on use but carpet manufacturers recommend annual cleanings.  While your carpet may not look particularly dirty just remember that all the dust that lands on your furniture also lands on the carpet, it’s just falling down in the fibers.  Can you imagine if you only dusted once a year?

Are you a franchise?

No!  Greg Raso started Clean Rite in 1999 with a single van.  We now proudly serve all of Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts with our fleet of trucks and talented technicians but you’ll still find Greg at the shop every day.

Why shouldn't I just clean my own carpets?

While inexpensive home “steam” cleaners and rentals exist, they just don’t compare to what our truck-mounted extraction systems and professional technicians and cleansers can do.  While they may provide a small improvement, they don’t penetrate deep into the fibers and usually leave a lot of dirt and soap behind. Not to mention the cost of the equipment, chemicals and your time!

Do I need to move the furniture?

Our technicians will move most items of furniture and work around larger heavier pieces.  If you require that any larger items be moved, let us know and we can ensure that two technicians are sent for your cleaning.

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Restore the look and prolong the life of your carpet! Proper cleaning is an important step in maintaining a healthy, clean indoor environment, protecting the value of your flooring, and protecting your loved ones! 

Breathe Easier
Carpets, area rugs, and upholstery are great additions to a home, adding comfort and style. Unfortunately, they can also be great collectors of dirt, animal dander, dust mites, pollens, mold spores, bacteria, pesticides, and a slew of other contaminants. While the carpet may act as a giant filter, trapping all these pollutants, they can easily become airborne again from normal daily activities. Children often play on the floor and are more likely to put their hands (and other things off the floor) into their mouths. Vacuum your carpets regularly with a HEPA vacuum, and schedule a professional cleaning at least every 12-18 months (more frequently if you have allergies, asthma, or other health condition). Even regular vacuuming cannot reach dirt, dust, bacteria, and mold spores that have built up in the carpet fibers. Professional cleaning not only uses pressure and steam to reach deep into the fibers, and then extract it all out, but professional grade products can also sanitize. 

 Smell Better!
People and pets track in dirt, debris, and contaminants, and sometimes cause spills and smells of varying kinds (especially our lovable, furry friends!) Spills that are not cleaned quickly or deeply enough, can create quite a funk, or even become moldy. Even without spills, our humid RI summer weather can foster mold growth, especially in coastal homes where humid ocean air is a constant factor! And the accidents that pets sometimes have often leave odors that are very difficult to remove. Our professional cleaning systems and formulas can help remove tough odors and sanitize your carpets for a fresher, healthier, better-smelling result! Pro-tip: add on our Scotchgard protector, and extend the longevity of your professional cleaning. Spills won't penetrate the fibers and can be wiped off easily. Watch a quick demonstration to see how it works: http://bit.ly/scotchgard-protects

Extend the life of your carpet!
Many people do not know how badly dirt can damage carpet fibers. Dirt and sand (remember all those fun days at the beach this summer?) fall down between the fibers of the carpet and then we walk on top of that accumulated debris, grinding the carpet fibers and backing like sandpaper. Even with regular vacuuming, there is no way to completely avoid wear, but regular maintenance can help minimize the appearance of wear and extend the life of your carpets and rugs.

What to look for in a carpet cleaning service

Industry training and certifications - Clean Rite Cleaning & Restoration is a long-standing member of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification. The IICRC is the industry standard for both cleaning and emergency mitigation services training and certification.

Experience and Reviews - Clean Rite has 20 years of experience, and many reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  We may have even performed work for your family or neighbors, so ask for recommendations as well!

Price - While Clean Rite offers competitive pricing, we also recommend choosing a carpet cleaning service for experience and value. The cheapest option may be appealing, but a deal that seems too good to be true is often just that. We stand by our service, with honest, trained technicians. 

Free Estimates - You should never pay for an estimate! Our trained professionals will inspect your carpets and provide a free estimate. This is a perfect time to point out any trouble spots or bring up any questions or concerns.






In addition to professional extraction cleaning methods, help maintain a fresh look to your carpets by: 

Removing shoes before walking across carpeted rooms

Moving your furniture around to create different traffic flows, and prevent deeply compacted areas in your carpet padding

Adding a carpet protector treatment to help repel soils and allow them to be more easily vacuumed.

You may be surprised by how much dirt has accumulated on your carpets!


“Clean Rite yet again came in and resolved a problem I had in a property which was stalling the closing of a real estate deal. Their professionalism, knowledge & general customer service is first class. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

-Robin M.

"Our house was flooded by a 2nd floor malfunctioned HVAC during the cold freeze in February 2013 when we were away. We called Clean Rite to do the restoration. They showed up the next day and began to remove wet carpeting, mildew, floor tiles and floor boards. The job was done efficiently, quickly, and above all neatly."

– Lex A.

“I had an ice dam a couple of years ago that lead to water through the ceiling, quite a mess. Clean-Rite’s crew came right out assessed the situation and explained what needed to be done and what timeline to expect. Given the stressful nature of the situation that was greatly appreciated. Subsequently, I have also used their services for cleaning carpets, the techs who have come out are friendly and patient,k taking the time to explain what can and can’t be done and why.”

-Tom R.

1305 Kingstown Road

South Kingstown, RI 02879


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